You Must be Joking. No one Transgender or LGBTQ could possibly support Trump. 


Transgender Americans

And he hates Americans anywhere on the LGBTQ spectrum. Trump has actively promoted discrimination, argued for laws preventing trans Americans from getting health care and appointed judges who are committed to preventing equality.

Trump has done nothing to even investigate, much less stop, the murders of transgender women, which have reached record levels in the past four years. Instead, he's incite more anti-trans violence, and seems proud of it.


VOTE Biden/Harris

Choose any one:
Early. Mail. In Person.

Don't let the bigots, the transphobes and the forces that oppose equality stop you from ousting the worst President in American History.  If you're transgender and your even thinking about voting for Trump - seriously, what's wrong with you?

There's nothing that is more important than protecting all of us. And that means terminating Trump's terrorism and restoring equality as American policy.

If you're transgender, voting for Trump is a betrayal of  your community and of equality.